Our mission is to change the destiny of the destitute. We help at risk children. We provide them with food, clothing, medical care, education, a home, a hope and a future. CVII's mission is to change lives through the living and written Gospel.

Our First Goal

to rescue and provide immediate medical care

Our desire is to take abondoned, abused and high-risk infants and small children from the street to provide twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week care. This includes a home, food, clothing, education, recreation an full medical attention.

Our Third Goal

to provide an education for the children

We believe that if you give a child a home, you give him hope. If you give him an education, you give him a future.

The right to an education in Colombia was established in 1991 (DANE 1995-2000), but to many it is still a privilege. For homeless, poor and displaced children, it is only a dream. We know that as we give the children and education that includes bilingual studies and cross-cultural experiences, they will have skills to take with them to change a nation. CVII wants to give each child in our home a hope and a future.

Our Vision

  1. To have five children's homes.*
  2. To have one medical unit.
  3. To have on bilingual school.
  4. To be a non-governmental, international organization who is able to help the homeless and the needy.
  5. To be the answer when there is none.
  6. To rescue lives that are lost and give them hope.
*Each home would have 40-50 children in an age range of four years and enable us to care for the children from infancy all the way to adulthood. This will allow us to provide protection and consistency for the children as well as customize the environment to meet the specific needs of every age group.

Our Second Goal

to provide a loving home atmosphere

Our aim is to provide a place where children are safe, warm and happy. Giving a child a bed, good food, a warm shower, practical clothes, a big stuffed animal and lots of love is a privilege to us and a miracle to them. It does not take long for these children to respond and begin physical, spiritual and mental healing.

Our Highest Goal

to raise and train children to change a nation

You can not stop a war with guns. It is a fact that Colombia is a very violent country. Children learn from the environment that they live in. Almost forty percent of children living in poverty. Seventeen percent live in absolute poverty (DANE Colombia 1995-2000). We have seen children full of hate and anger who, in order to survive, steal, do drugs and fight. We can stop that curse by stopping the cycle. With us they learn integrity, honesty, commitment and love through the school of life. We have excellent, qualified and caring staff members who are good role models for the children. We have found that as we help the children, they want to help others.

Our Philosophy

High-risk children have a very uncertain future, filled with despair and pain, living with the curse of their forefathers. Bettering their lives or changing their circumstances is almost impossible without God's help. For it is only God who can break a curse. The philosophy of Children's Vision International, Inc. is that every child has the right to be given an opportunity to be happy and to be treated like an individual. It is our hope that we not only help the child, but that we reach the family as well; knowing that if you can reach a family, a nation can be changed. In order to do that, we are using the following values:

To love and honor God above all things

Kindness, forgiveness and mercy

Order and discipline

Honesty and truthfulness

To love others as themselves

Respect and submission to authority

Responsibility and citizenship

Faithfulness and gratitude